Care Tips For Your Lash Extensions Kit

Care Tips For Your Lash Extensions Kit

Like you are aware lash extensions are pretty expensive so you need to take good care to get desired results. So, when you get your lash extensions kit make sure you read through all the details and understand them. Below, we have listed the top care tips for your lash extensions. Are you curious to know what these all include? Let us quickly browse through these pointers mentioned.

Some best care tips for your lash extensions

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  • You need to take care of the way you apply your makeup. Keep away from oil-based skin products around your eyes. This will cause the breakdown of the eyelash glue.
  • Do not use heavy eyeliner as taking it off tugs at the lashes which will cause more fallout.
  • Deep your cotton swab in makeup remover so that you can easily remove makeup off your lash line.
  • If you use thick eyelashes, there are high chances that they will get twisted and fall out earlier than you expected.
  • Avoid water directly from the shower to fall on your face. The pressure will loosen your extension and it will fall off without any hassle.
  • Don’t use a towel to wipe your face. Also, avoid pressing your face directly on the pillow.

Well, now as you know these tips make sure you use them effectively. Also, you can check out some good quality lash extensions online. There will be some options available so you can choose based on the product quality, your budget, and the type of lashes you desire to wear!