Alexie Orlov- The Brand Activation Expert

Alexie Orlov- The Brand Activation Expert

How It All Started

Alexie Orlov had always felt called to be a leader, but he was first called to serve as a church leader. It was a calling that Alexei was prepared to answer. His job would have been to guide people on their spiritual journeys. Despite being compelled to abandon seminary, the time he expended on spiritual development was not lost. According to the global marketing strategist, this education was the ideal preparation for the profession he was meant to pursue.

How Alexie Orlov Learned To Build A Brand

He worked in merchandising for the first time since emerging from seminary. This work allowed him to cultivate and practice his artistic side while still learning useful business skills. As a result, Alexei was permitted to participate in the financial side of the market and the artistic revolution in the merchandising world.

Engaging in innovative and operational market moments early on helped Orlov to flourish as a business leader in all endeavours and made for more easily traversed stepping stones up the growth ladder. Soon, he found himself securely planted in multinational leadership positions, owning every part of the companies he led, much as he had learned to do as a merchandiser new to the business scene.

The Success Of Brand Activation

The Art Of Acquiring And Building

ROCQM and MCW were the first companies Alexei Orlov established from the ground up. It was such a huge hit that Orlov immediately sold it to WPP for a huge profit. The WPP purchase had to have had a significant effect on Orlov in those early years when this form of the business model started to find him.

Orlov realized from the moment he sold his first company and was reminded every day he purchased a new enterprise under the umbrella of another firm that one day he will take these two abilities, building and acquiring, and transform them into the entrepreneurial business experience of a lifetime.

Alexei Orlov never lost sight of his real interest during his years of success, purchasing top-tier companies for another’s portfolio and rescuing already-acquired products on the verge of failure and transforming them into highly-functioning money-making machines.