Outsourcing services: from customer care to automation

Outsourcing services: from customer care to automation

Going more specifically, we analyze below all the main outsourcing services offered by Fiber, which are perfectly suited to every need. However, it is important to keep in mind the negative aspects so as to deal with it in a better way.

How to handle outsourcing and marketing contracts better?

Internal security risks: relying on an external company there is the possibility of a leak of company information. In this case, you just need to sign a non-disclosure agreement;

Loss of control over some company activities: you will not be able to constantly monitor all the activities of your company. However, you must take this into account when you request an outsourcing service, indeed it is a natural consequence;

Language barrier: relying on an external company, especially if it operates in another continent, you can run into problems relating to a different language or culture Smart Circle.

Customer care in outsourcing

Customer care in outsourcing is one of the most requested services, considering the central role assumed by the customer in the purchasing decision-making phase.

We Are Fiber bodies providing valid assistance service to your customers following the style and “tone of voice” of your company. We use all channels to provide a 360 ° quality service: from technical support to instant messaging, from ticketing to the toll-free number, etc.

Customer care includes:

Help Desk: constant customer support before and after the sale, with first and second level assistance;

Customer Service: management, support and assistance of customers by telephone;

Ticketing Management: system for solving problems reported by customers to constantly keep track of requests for assistance;

Smart Circle

Social Instant Messaging: real-time assistance via social or app;

Booking Office: in different languages.

Data Entry

Data Entries allow you to quickly access non-digitized information, such as customer databases or data lists. For example, you can speed up the digitization and transcription processes of data, saving precious time. We transform and make your documents accessible, cutting waiting times and speeding up processes. Our Data Entry services include:

Back Office: WAF resources deal with the internal processes of your business, improving the quality of products and services to be allocated to your end customers;

Payroll e accounting

Payroll services allow you to optimize staff accounting, without additional costs of an internal resource. Samart circle creates tailor-made solutions for you, recovering and processing personnel data with precision and with the utmost respect for privacy. We have a specific and specialized section for Payroll Management.

Thus, it is always advised to reach out to an authentic company that helps you to stay away from any negative aspects and stay at peace while concentrating on the business.