What you need to know about Youtube Shorts

What you need to know about Youtube Shorts

Youtube Short is a short video format that aspires to be the direct competition of many other such sites.  Users will be able to create, edit and upload vertical videos of up to 15 seconds.  In addition, it allows you to use music from the YouTube catalog to animate the shorts.

Despite being available for a few months in India, it will start its beta version in the United States, with the inclusion of new features.  Its growth has been considerable, reaching more than 6,500 million visits daily.

Youtube Short has a multi-segment camera to facilitate clip chaining, a variety of music tracks, subtitles, among others.  All these elements at TheSoul Publishing  are designed to increase the creativity of content creators, to produce entertaining videos.

Main features of Youtube Shorts

This new YouTube tool is available for mobile devices.  You will be able to create videos using the special effects and music extracted from the library of the video platform. Youtube Shorts was born as part of an effort by the YouTube video platform, which is constantly adapting to global entertainment trends.

  1. It has greater range

YouTube has more than 2 billion users worldwide.  Therefore, the growth and reach of Youtube Shorts is expected to be astounding.  It is important to note that this new tool will be able to help content and brand creators to position themselves in a broader audience and consistently.

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In addition, with the use of short videos you can offer a different experience to your users, create tutorial or step-by-step videos about what you want to show.  And if you are interested in more complete videos, you can find them on the same platform.  You will have content for all the targets you want to address, you just have to let your creativity fly.

  1. Videos for all niches

Platforms like TikTok have a younger user base, so some brands are not attracted to this social network.  With Youtube Shorts it is expected to attract people of different ages, industries and countries. It is said that there is a video for everyone on YouTube.  With Shorts, more brands will be able to engage with a much broader range of audiences than they have previously focused their efforts on. For example, while a brand may struggle to connect with consumers in their 30s and 40s, they may be able to engage with this audience on Youtube Shorts.  Thanks to the variety of videos that can be obtained on YouTube, you will be able to attract the attention of the public that you previously thought impossible to capture.