Thinking to buy bitcoins? We are here to help

Thinking to buy bitcoins? We are here to help

If you are a newbie to the world of crypto, we will let you know about the digital money concept. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is sent by people online and it is not at all complicated. It is somewhat similar to transferring money online from one bank account to another. But in this case blockchain technology is used to send data of transactions in cyberspace. Here we are not talking about normal currencies such as pounds and dollars but decentralized cryptocurrencies that are not controlled by any government or financial authority or any central bank.

So there are advantages of cryptocurrencies being global and so it is easy to transfer them across people staying in different areas of the globe without thinking about exchange rates. You can earn bitcoin too, but here we are focusing on buying them.

bitcoin funds

Where to buy cryptocurrencies from?

Binance and Coinbase are the two largest trading platforms for bitcoin. They are touted as the fast and easy way for new users for purchasing various cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Another way of including the digital currency is from the app Ziglu and eToro which is the investment platform.

Gemini was founded by the Winklevoss brothers from the fame of Facebook I also the digital exchange which is allowing customers to sell, buy, and store cryptocurrencies. They have recently awarded the operational license by Financial Conduct Authority and it is regulated by the State Department of New York financial services.

If you want to buy cryptos or bitcoins there is a few percent of fees of transactional value which will include the charges of transaction, withdrawal, trading, and escrow.

Bitcoin Fund

Several companies have launch bitcoin funds. The main purpose of this is to facilitate the process of investing in cryptocurrency.

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