Advanced dress for international standard and American smooth dance competitions

Advanced dress for international standard and American smooth dance competitions

For the more versatile customer, the Costume also has a more unique look with various accessories.The gown can be solid or different colours, featuring feathers, rhinestones for a more luxurious appearance.The moreart making the clothing has, the more elegant and fashionable it looks.Floats, gloves, rhinestones, and even feathers may be included in such dresses.These gowns are classically designed, with long, voluminous skirts.American Smooth’s specialised gown is a hybrid of the Normal gown and the Latin gown.They are typically full-length gowns with minimal skirt fluff.They are free of floats, allowing for solitary arm spins.


International Latin and American Rhythm Combo: In compared to the International Standard and American Smooth traditions, the clothing code is more transparent, seductive, and intense.Women might go for a one-piece dress or a two-piece outfit, separated top and bottom. Typically, this is a pretty dress or a little skirt.The primary purpose of this clothing is to highlight to the dancer’s body movement and leg action.

Women’s Basic Dress Code for Latin and American International Rhythm:- This dress is slimmer than the common or smooth dress.A Little solid gown can be used as a Classic gown. Sets of two pieces are also allowed, shirt and skirt.  The dress is relatively shorter than the Standard/Smooth dress and is designed to highlight the legs.Occasionally, the dress will be longer, but it will normally have a slit in the back to prevent women from catching the foot in it.Additionally, such dresses frequently feature a skirt or ruffles that enhance hip and body movement, enriching the dance.

Women’s Advanced Dress Code for Latin and American International Rhythms:- These are more romantic and elegant. Embellishments are used like rhinestones.  Fragments of body colour makes illusions of transparency and partial nakedness. Latin advanced gowns are considered to be more costly and fashionable than Latin basic gowns.

Dancing Shoes:- Leg motion is vital in dancing and can be very intense.So, comfortable and safe shoes are essential to avoid damages or injury while dancing.

Replacing skirt with Trousers :- Costumes for contests are frequently too fancy for social dancing.Dance practise outfit has its own classification.You can do even the most complicated dance moves without fear of tearing or damaging your dress because it is wonderful.A skirt shorts is also used.As well as wearing Jeravae trousers instead of skirt is also fashionable. It’s good to practise in jeans.However, you must ensure that such a dress does not inactivate your movements or disturb your dance figures.