What is structured cabling?

The backbone of telephony communication and data transmission is an indispensable element in buildings of any nature: residential, healthcare, commercial, industrial, everyone needs a Structured Cabling System to use digital services forbel.

If you think about it too, you could not do without the connection to the outside world.

Structured cabling allows maximum flexibility: mobility within areas and buildings, as well as functional integration between Telephones, PCs, Servers, Video Intercoms, Security Systems and other devices. All in a scalable, therefore versatile way invaded to future needs structured cabling installation solutions.

Wi-fi system

We create systems that allow the connectivity of private or geographic networks , which are developed within the same structure or with the use of firewalls, switches and routers in peripheral companies.

We specialize in creating specific wireless networks for employees, where company data can be monitored and connected to the infrastructure like a cable connection.

We create guest networks dedicated to guests, who obviously will not access all sensitive data intended solely for corporate use.

We create networks distributed in outdoor spaces, such as the hotspots that we see more and more often in our cities, and networks that have the task of acting as a connection point between different locations , allowing a connection so easy and rapid that it will seem to be in the exact same office even miles away.

Wireless networks have multiple facets, and for this reason they are versatile and perfect for every need, offering many advantages:

Dynamic usability

Time savings

Economic saving

We will make the wireless system that best suits your needs, further specific needs, will see our company’s cooperation with industry experts.

Optical fiber

If you use the data network for your work also to carry out other operations (telecommunications, video surveillance, videoconferencing, etc.) for which a high download and upload speed are necessary, then optical fiber is really for you. Programs like Skype they have now canceled the distances and it is possible to call and see each other from one part of the world to the other as if you were in front of you, as long as you have an internet connection that allows it.

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